What Makes Us Unique

The Difference Between Good & Great

What Makes Us Unique

Core Competencies

At The Luxury Compass, Tracy Solly and her team of highly trained professionals leave no detail unturned. Tracy’s methodical approach to taking your company and repositioning it to the next level is unprecedented. Highly experienced in the resort and hotel industry, it’s safe to say Tracy knows a thing or two about what it takes to make an organization run in a highly effective and efficient manner.

Tracy’s holistic approach to marketing and sales ensures that the collective impact of recommended changes is greater than the sum of its parts. She diagnoses underlying issues and guides clients to targeted adjustments that build toward measurable growth. Her expertise is four-fold: cross-functional strategy, sales alignment, optimized marketing, and operational leadership.


Tracy benefits from a growth mind-set that ensures she’s always evolving. There’s nothing more exciting to her than tackling a challenge no one has ever seen before.


Tracy believes that integrity is the foundation of trust and growth. She values transparency and honors her commitments to her clients in every aspect of her work.


Tracy offers insights that go beyond the surface. Her expert analysis unblocks persistent problems to the benefit of clients and their customers.


Tracy transforms a clear vision into a tangible reality with actionable guidance. She serves as a change maker who believes in the potential of her clients, every day. Tracy has been in your shoes, and her mission is to help you grow your business.

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